Recovery of HDPE products by Jcoplastic for recycling and transformation in secondary raw materials

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Buccino (Basilicata Region); Battipaglia (Campania Region)
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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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Maurizio Mansi

Jcoplastic buys back post consumer High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) products. After a cleaning and sanitation process, it disassembles them and shreds them again. The secondary raw material obtained is analysed and characterised, then extruded for reusing in a new production cycle.

Post-consumer HDPE products come from the company's business activities (plastic containers for waste management, agriculture, industries, etc). Usually these end-of-life products are considered as waste, because their owners cannot use them any longer.

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This is a circular model of producing HDPE products, with the following impacts:

  1. Environmental impact: end-of-life products return to the production chain, not in the waste production cycle.
  2. Energy impact: the use of secondary raw materials reduces the quantity of energy needed for extracting, transporting and producing raw material of fossil origin, and consequently CO2 emissions too.
  3. Economic impact: less raw materials are needed.
  4. Employment impact: the supply chain needs skilled labour.