The EDUCIRC project: The circular economy as a development model for the Republic of Serbia

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The transition towards the circular economy entails complex economic and social changes. Using a survey, the EDUCIRC project will provide policy recommendations on rural development, with particular emphasis on women and young people. It will devise a new methodology for assessing the capacity of rural areas to deliver this transition.

These are the project goals:

  1. Making Serbia's economy more self-sufficient, primarily as regards agriculture and the service sector in rural areas
  2. Acquiring data that will be presented to academic circles in the form of publications
  3. Creating a solid foundation for a systematic approach to rural development, which will empower women and support families in rural areas
  4. Creating a database that can be used for research and education purposes in the field of the circular economy.

The green transition is a major challenge for Serbia, and the project's findings will identify the main obstacles, strengths and problems, as well as possible solutions.

Main results

The project has already produced five work packages that contain plenty of research relevant to the development of the circular economy in Serbia.

Work packages:

  1. Global challenges and national economies
  2. Circular economy, rural development and role of women
  3. Defining Serbia’s circular capacity
  4. Dissemination, promotion, and exploitation of project results
  5. Project management.

Long-term impact

By focusing on gathering data, knowledge and information, the project will contribute to the future Strategy for the Circular Transition in the Republic of Serbia.