About this contact

Prof. Joanna Kulczycka is president of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, a key national cluster in Poland formed of 99 entities: SMEs, research units, NGOs and consulting companies promoting cooperation between business and research in the field of recovery and recycling various industrial and municipal waste, mainly WEEE.

Joanna Kulczycka has a Ph.D. in management from AGH UTS (Cracow) and a D. Sc. degree (habilitation) in economics (commodity science) from Poznań University of Economics. She was the founder of and now heads the Department of Strategic Research at MEERI Polish Academy of Sciences. She is Professor in the Faculty of Management AGH University of Science and Technology, where she lectures on eco-innovation in industry and circular economy. 

Joanna Kulczycka is also author of over 100 publications. These include the first book on LCA in Polish, the first Polish Minerals Yearbook, and the first book about critical raw materials in Poland, and she is also editor of several books concerning the circular economy in Poland. Her research experience stretches from the economics and management of industrial processes, mainly in the raw materials and recycling sectors, to CSR, to eco-innovation and to the circular economy.

Prof. Joanna Kulzycka