Facilitator Circular Economy
About this contact

Veerle works as a policy maker and facilitator for the public/private partnership Circular Flanders, which was initiated by the public waste agency of Flanders (OVAM). It serves as a hub, inspiration and matchmaker for the transition to a circular economy in Flanders.

To move forward, six thematic strategic agendas have been identified:

  1. circular construction
  2. chemicals and plastics
  3. water cycles
  4. biobased economy
  5. food chain, and
  6. manufacturing (textiles, furniture, electronics, batteries, etc.).

Each strategic agenda is a partnership in itself and is assigned a public and a private lead.

Drawing up and implementing strategic agendas, however, doesn’t guarantee success. To make the transition to the circular economy a reality, there is a whole series of habits, rules and barriers inherent in the linear economy that need to be tackled. What’s more, communication, funding and robust scientific research are also required. The strategic agendas are therefore accompanied by seven levers: financing, communication, research, jobs and skills, circular procurement, innovation and entrepreneurship, and policy instruments.

Veerle Labeeuw