013Circles promotes circular textiles

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013Circles is an initiative by the municipality of Tilburg, the Netherlands, which promotes circular textiles. Concerned about the excessive textile waste per citizen (annual average of 8 kg per individual), 013Circles was designed as an ‘interactive shop’, consisting of a shop, an exhibition area and a workshop space where people can get information on the circular aspects of textiles, as well as trade items.

The shop area has developed its own system, using points, for swapping of items. The idea is to bring in pieces and, if convenient, to leave with something new in hands. The workshop area is designed also for children, and schools are welcome to take their pupils there for educational outdoor activity. Moreover, there is also a space for fashion shows and lectures, where professionals and consumers can exchange information and good practices.

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  • In the long-run, the initiative has got the goal of decreasing the amount of textiles in residual waste in the municipality of Tilburg by 5%.
  • The project fosters collaboration between different societal stakeholders for increasing circular aspects of textiles. Several organisations are partners to the initiative.
  • The workshop area provides space for educational activities.