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Adhesives industry: water-soluble adhesives facilitate return and reuse bottle schemes and end-of-life recycling

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Isabelle Alenus, FEICA

When bottles are used in the reuse sector, the adhesive must be alkaline-soluble. Only then can a smooth process in the bottle cleaning machine, and thus efficient implementation of environmentally friendly reusable processes, be guaranteed.

The adhesives for reusable bottles produced by Türmerleim are synthetic-based or part-synthetic based. They are characterised by a low consumption rate, thus playing a part in the sustainable handling of our resources. Furthermore, significant benefits are reaped in terms of logistics and storage thanks to their long shelf-life. Türmerleim's adhesives must meet the following requirements:

  • high level of alkaline solubility
  • smooth automation process
  • excellent wet adhesive strength
  • high cost-effectiveness
  • high resistance to ice and condensation water
  • vegan composition

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The use of such adhesives is expected to:

  • promote reuse and recycling of returnable glass bottles. Reusable glass bottles can be filled up to 50 times, making them the most environmentally-friendly choice for the beverage supply chain. 
  • enable efficient labelling and cleaning of returnable glass bottles 
  • make it easier to remove labels from returned bottles in the cleaning process
  • facilitate recycling at end-of-life