ALBA Group: manufacturing plastic from secondary raw materials

ALBA Group
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ALBA Group is a major company active in recycling, environmental services and the supply of raw materials. It has come up with a method for producing plastic using secondary raw materials.

ALBA Group uses materials from roadside recycling collection (such as polypropylene and polyethylene). Its sorting and processing technologies produce high-quality secondary raw materials from packaging waste and production scrap. Precision sorting followed by segregation, with degassing and filtration produces plastic granulates with a high level of purity.

The company produces two types of plastic granulate: Recythen, suitable for hard wearing, rigid applications, and Procyclen, which can be tailored to customers' specifications and is suitable for applications such as packaging and sportswear. The new, market-quality recycled plastic materials can be mixed with other materials and used to manufacture new products and packaging.

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  • Reducing reliance on virgin crude oil
  • Tested and reproducible material quality
  • Security of planning in terms of both volume and price thanks to continuous availability