Allgro: turning wastewater into water for their fruit and vegetable cutting business

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Circular water use in a Belgian fruit and vegetable business

In May 2019, the Belgium-based fruit and vegetable cutting business Allgro set up its own water plant. The facility turns wastewater into drinking water, thereby slashing the food company’s mains water consumption. The food sector is subject to very strict rules governing water use. For many companies, all water used must be of drinking water quality, including water that is only used to clean machinery or production areas. As a result, food companies are traditionally major mains water consumers. Allgro's water treatment plant has shown that it's possible to reverse that trend.

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  • This water facility combines biological water treatment with membrane technology, while reverse osmosis technology ensures the water is of drinking quality
  • Since the facility came on line, almost three quarters of the company’s process water has come from treated wastewater.