Alternatives to single-use plastic bags in Morocco

Moroccan women producing durable by reusing other single-use bags
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Other (Morocco)
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Bilateral agreement by the EC and UN Environmental / Mediterranean Action Plan
Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production

SCP/RAC promotes an action in Morocco to support the country in transitioning from single-use plastic bags to other green means. The action is based in two pillars. On the one hand, an extensive communication campaign is being implemented, focusing on the benefits of alternatives to single-use plastic bags. Indeed, multiple-use bags, baskets or shopping trolleys are much less expensive in the medium and long-term. The campaign includes creative actions through social media and in markets, as well as beach litter monitoring in the Mediterranean coast. On the other hand, a women cooperative located in the Oriental region is producing and testing  different durable carrier bags, reusing for example flour bags or publicity canvas. The action also investigates the carrier bags and other means preferences by retailers and consumers, as well as how to promote the production of alternatives to single-use plastic bags at the country level.

Main results
  • Moroccans will be more aware of the benefits of alternatives to single-use plastic bags and will take action to shift to them
  • The action will produce at least 1000 units of durable shopping bags that will be distributed in public awareness action;
  • Preferences of consumers and retailers will be better understood and the alternatives produced accommodated to those needs.