Basque Ecodesign Center

Basque Ecodesign Center
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The Basque Ecodesign Center (BEdC) is an organisation based in the Basque Country and structured as a partnership framework between Basque private firms, the main industrial clusters, and the Basque Government through the public agencies Ihobe and Spri. The objective of the BEdC is to help ensure that the Basque Country is an advanced region in the field of eco-design and a benchmark throughout the European Union, supporting SMEs and developing technical projects, new business ideas and training activities. Hence, the BEdC has developed several projects and publications in the field of the circular economy, from the angle of the eco-design approach.


Main results
  • The BEdC has released a series of publications entitled "Ideas Notebook" about Ecodesign for a Circular Economy and Product-service systems as new business models alligned with a Circular Economy. Read more 
  • Every two years, the BEdC organizes an international event on eco-design, the Basque Eco-design Meeting. The latest edition focused on analyzing the implications for the industrial sector of the change of economic model as the result of the transition towards a Circular Economy in Europe, and on how to be in a position to change those challenges into business opportunities and enhance business competitiveness. Read more