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Borealis: producing renewable polypropylene from renewable propane

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Moving towards a circular economy of plastics

Borealis is an international company with a focus on plastics; Neste is a Finnish company which has developed a process whereby it can utilise nearly any bio-based oil or fat (including waste oil) to produce various premium-quality renewable products. The two have started cooperating so that Borealis can manufacture polypropylene (PP) using renewable feedstock provided by Neste. Specifically, Neste produces renewable propane and Borealis converts it to renewable propylene and subsequently to renewable polypropylene.

This is the first time that Borealis has replaced fossil fuel-based feedstock in its large-scale commercial production of PP. Furthering its commitment to advance the circular economy, Borealis is working with upstream and downstream value chain partners to deliver a circular economy of plastics. The end-product offers the same properties as conventional PP and is fully recyclable.

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Borealis was awarded the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) organization with ISCC Plus certification for its renewable polypropylene. The certification verifies that the renewable feedstock is renewable and sustainably produced. Borealis aims to ensure that 100% of its consumer products are recyclable, reusable or produced from renewable sources by 2025.