Brens uses scrap iron, crushed concrete and pulverised rubber to build tomorrow's railways

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Brens is a Czech company which produces rail tracks, tram and railway lines. Recently, the company has also turned to production processes using recycled materials.

Brens helps keep materials such as scrap iron, crushed concrete and pulverised rubber in use.

Here are some examples of its circular products:

  • a rail sound absorber for tram lines produced from recycled parts of cars, i.e. seats, carpets, filtres and tyre rubber
  • water retainers and sound-proofing systems obtained from waste materials from the automobile sector.
Main results
  • The BRENS STERED© railway noise absorber with water retention function, which reprocesses waste from the automobile industry and contains exclusively recycled materials (synthetic textile and rubber), was introdued at the InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin. The water that is retained is returned to the natural environment through evaporation
  • Reutilisation of materials in the public transportation industry
  • Development of efficient transport parts, based on reused materials
  • More efficient technology for reducing tram noise (by 9 dB)
  • All Brens materials are recyclable.