Carlavelorep: the social bicycle workshop

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Carlavelorep is a non-profit social bicycle workshop run by Caritas Salzburg. This initiative focuses mainly on repairing and selling donated second-hand bicycles through the implementation of a job programme targeting young unemployed people.

Old bicycles are used as a basis from which to build the bicycles for sale as well as for spare parts used in the workshop. For example, depending on their condition, donated wheels are either repaired and sold again or single parts of them are used for repairs. Finally, all parts that can no longer be redeployed are properly disposed of.

Main results
  • Re-use of all parts of bicycles for restoring and assembling 'new' bicycles.
  • Hopeless (bicycle) cases also accepted.
  • Full investment of the profits from sales into materials for the repair workshop.
  • Creation of new prospects for people wanting to get access to the labour market.