Circular Governance in The Hague - Made in Moerwijk

Made in Moerwijk
Type of funding

Made in Moerwijk is a social circular initiative in The Hague that seeks to give new life to old things. Examples of products being made include belts from old bicycle tyres and bags from broken umbrellas.

Initially, the local university participated as well as a technical school and a local fund, and Made in Moerwijk is now a foundation. The local municipality makes a financial contribution for the employees.

Made in Moerwijk has taken on a larger role in the local area, contributing to social cohesion and providing jobs for the community. A total of 18 partners are involved.

Main activity field
Main results

Outcomes, opportunities and challenges:

1. Several departments teamed up to make Made in Moerwijk happen: the waste department, the social department and local districts.

2. Made in Moerwijk is a local circular hub helping (circular) businesses to scale up. Start-ups are connected to each other.

2. The project also has a social function by providing jobs and opportunities for the people living in the district of Moerwijk.

4. Local citizens are encouraged to collect their waste separately and bring it to Made in Moerwijk.

5. Made in Moerwijk is being promoted as a good example of circular economy on social media, providing a model for new upcoming hubs.

6. A challenge is to connect the contributing partners to the project and give them ownership.