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ConnectedBin: Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things for smart waste management

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High-tech waste management

The Bulgarian company ConnectedBin has developed a waste container solution using artificial intelligence to identify waste types and sort them properly. The Internet of Things system then reports on waste types and amounts, which makes waste collection more efficient. Once (retro)fitted with ConnectedBin's sensor devices, the waste containers get “eyes and ears” and can communicate wirelessly with the cloud-based server. The system gathers and processes data from all bins and displays it to the user to facilitate decision making. The decisions can be operative (e.g. choosing the optimal collection route or reacting swiftly to an incident) or strategic (e.g. selecting the most efficient bin placement).

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With ConnectedBin, waste management operations turn from reactive to proactive:

  • it saves time and resources, while providing prompt and high quality waste management services
  • it also reduces the risk of overflowing or vandalised waste containers.