Desso is Cradle-to-Cradle certified throughout its production chain

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Desso is specialised in producing commercial/residential carpets and artificial turf for sports fields according to the Cradle to Cradle® principles.

  • By 2020 all Desso materials will have to be free of toxins that could cause harm to health
  • only renewable energy (hydropower, biomass and solar) will be used and
  • it will be able to take back its specially designed goods and to recycle or re-use their materials for new high grade products. 

Desso products are made from "positively defined" components (= all ingredients have been assessed as either "green" (optimal) or "yellow" (tolerable) according to the Cradle to Cradle® assessment criteria) that are easy to disassemble, in order to create new products in both the biological and technical cycles.

Desso takes back used carpets from its customers and competitors and separates the yarn and other fibres from the backing, thereby producing two main material streams that can be recycled:

  1. After an additional purification stage, the yarn (with the required purity) is returned to the yarn manufacturer for the production of new yarn. In the entire process, some virgin material is needed to compensate for losses and process inefficiency.
  2. Today's bitumen backing is recycled as a valuable raw material for the road and roofing industry.
  3. All non-recyclable fractions will be used as secondary fuel in the cement industry.

In line with the water stewardship principle, Desso plants must demonstrate that water resources are used responsibly and efficiently and that their water discharge into local rivers is as clean as possible.

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  • DESSO EcoBase® backing contains a polyolefin-based layer that is 100% safely recyclable in Desso's production process. Carpet tiles with DESSO EcoBase® achieved a Cradle to Cradle® Silver Certificate for having reached a level where up to 97% of the materials are positively defined ("green" or "yellow").
  • For Polyamide 6 yarn, the process takes place at Aquafil, one of Desso's yarn suppliers, which has developed proprietary technology at its regeneration plant to turn recovered post-consumer polyamide 6 carpet fibres into new polyamide 6 again and again.
  • During the period 2007-2011 Desso reduced its CO2 emissions by 50% owing to its increased use of green electricity (mostly hydropower and biomass).
  • Besides, Desso's plant roofs are currently covered by 25,000 m2 solar cells. It aims t