Development of deconstruction wood waste use as energy recovery in cement plants

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Paris – La Défense
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Syndicat Français de l'Industrie Cimentière (SFIC) - Infociments

French cement producers plan to increase the use of alternative fuels from 44 % of the fuel mix to 50 %, by 2025. To support this initiative, they aim, in collaboration with construction and recycling trade organisations, to double the amount of wood waste used in the energy supply of cement plants. The part of the wood demolition waste that is not recovered but simply landfilled as there is no recycling option, represents 500 ktpa. French cement producers plan to increase energy substitution by using 90 ktpa of those. In this context, a Green Deal has been signed by the French Ministry for Environment, the French Ministry for Industry, and the project stakholders.

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  • Development of biomass use in cement industry;
  • Reduction of fossil fuel consumption;
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Reduction of landfilling.