Do you see a Building... or a Bank of recyclable Materials?

BAMB 2020 - H2020 funded project
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United Kingdom
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Ronneby Municipality, Cefur, Sweden
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BAMB 2020

The BAMB (Buildings As Material Banks) project started in September 2015 and will progress for 3,5 years as an innovation action within the EU funded Horizon 2020 program. It involves partners from 6 EU countries and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Today, building materials often end up as waste when no longer needed, wasting energy and raw materials, increasing environmental costs, and enhancing risks of resource scarcity. It takes huge amounts of energy to produce building materials and products, energy embodied in the building.

BAMB will enable a systemic shift where dynamically and flexibly designed buildings can be incorporated into a circular economy. Through design and circular value chains, materials in buildings sustain their value – in a sector producing less waste and using less virgin resources.

The project is developing and integrating tools that will enable the shift: Materials Passports, Reversible Building Design Tools and Circular Building Assessment. Its network is open to all stakeholders in the construction industry.

Read the scientific paper on Materials Passports 

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The project is developing and integrating tools that will enable the shift: Materials Passports and Reversible Building Design – supported by new business models, policy propositions and management and decision-making models. During the course of the project these new approaches will be demonstrated and refined with input from 6 pilots.