An e-commerce portal for restored goods to increase the visibility of circular handicrafts in Turin

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Turin (Piedmont Region)
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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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Founded in 1983, the Balon Merchants' Association manages two street markets: the Gran Balon, a minor antiques market in the city of Turin, and the Saturday Balon, the city's historic flea market since 1857. The association provides assistance to exhibitors, deals with permits, authorisations, seat assignments, advice to members for commercial issues, and organises events and collateral events in the area.

The association is attentive to the dynamics of redevelopment and integration, investing a lot of efforts in this direction every day.

In 2019 the City of Turin launched a number of circular and collaborative economy projects, among them the Balon Marketplace, an e-commerce portal for stakeholders who are active in the antiques, second-hand and vintage sectors, and particularly interested in the recovery, recycling, reuse and upcycling of goods, for a sustainable consumption of objects with a high cultural and heritage value.

Identified challenge (s)
Main results

Among the tasks/results of the Balon Merchants' Association:

  • promotion of training and integration of disadvantaged people coming from the Turin urban area and wishing to develop their professional skills. In so doing, the association contributes to redeveloping one of the most difficult areas in Turin;
  • reduction of criminality rate in the neighbouring area and creation of new jobs that enhance the market participants' backgrounds with a "glocal" perspective.

Among the expected results of the e-portal:

  • sharing of ancient and past know-how and skills by promoting circular handycrafts activities and practices;
  • increased visibility of small handicrafts shops.