ecoBirdy: Children’s furniture made from recycled plastic toys

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3,3 million tonnes of plastic end up in landfills in Europe. EcoBirdy upcycles waste plastic to extend the life of plastic and increase its durability, reducing the consumption of raw materials.

The Belgian company does not just make furniture: it has developed a method for recycling mixed plastics, usually considered too tricky to recycle. This method is based on technology and human intervention, and the end result is recycled plastic which has very similar properties to virgin plastic - except for the environmental footprint, of course...

Using these recycled materials, ecoBirdy produces a range of children’s furniture, including chairs, tables and lamps. The material is not coloured by any additional pigments. Instead, the source material is visible as speckles in the chair, reminding the user of the importance of precious and limited resources.

For a glimpse of ecoBirdy's activity click here.

Main results

The recycled plastic is 100% recyclable so it can be recycled again and again.

The chair has won several design awards:

  1. German Design Award 2019, Category Product Design, Winner
  2. Good Design Award Australia 2018, Category Outstanding Design and Innovation, Winner
  3. Henry van de Velde Award 2019, Category Ecodesign, Winner
  4. Play It Green Award 2018 by, Winner
  5. Blickfang Design Preis 2018, Designmesse 2018 Bern, Winner
  6. Innovation Award 2018 by Kind & Jugend Fair, Nominated