EtMoi works with prisoners to make badge holders, cushions and masks from old ties and scarves

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Nathalie Perault

EtMoi@Work is a circular - social - economy project, based in Belgium, producing a variety of office items: badge holders, card holders, cushions for office chairs and new masks in silk. It is a circular economy project, since recycled conference lanyards (metal hooks and safety clasps), silk ties and silk scarves that are no longer worn and, if possible, old jewellery are used to create new objects.

Moreover, EtMoi@Work is a social economy project: badge holders are produced in two prison workshops in Brussels (Forest and Berkendael) via the Cellmade association.

Finally, it is an example of local economy, since badge holders are produced in Brussels. Not only does this allow the prisoners to develop new skills, but it also fosters their reintegration in society after their detention.

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  • A wide re-use of materials is promoted for the production of fashion items as part of a social project contributing to the reintegration of prisoners into society.
  • All articles are made out of recycled silk ties and other recycled cloths. For instance, the metallic part of the badge holder comes from conference lanyards, and the filling of the cushions is a mix of cloth and lanyards cut into pieces.