Eyewear made of recycled and oil-free materials

Dick Moby
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Founded in 2012 with the objective of creating high-quality eyewear (sunglasses and eyeglasses) from oil-free or recycled materials, Dick Moby offers several ranges of resources-conscious eyewear:

Recycled actetate
The recycled acetate is made from bits and pieces recovered from the floor of Dick Moby's manufacturer, Mazzuchelli. These clippings and waste materials are then turned into recycled acetate, which consists of at least 97% recycled acetate and up to 3% black ink. 

Recycled metal frames
In addition, slivers of stainless steel that are surplus to the glasses are salvaged during the manufacturing process, and then totally reused to make new frames. 

Oil-free bio-based acetate
The oil-free frames are made from bio-based acetate, which looks like plastic but is much more eco-friendly. It is made from wood pulp and biodegrades in 115 days, if buried in compost soil. 

Last but not least, the cleaning cloth is made from recycled PET bottles, while the cases are made from recycled leather and natural latex.

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  • The company's bio-acetate has 0% of chemical plasticiser, compared to 18.3% of industry standard acetates.
  • When comparing the impact per frame of new acetate and recycled acetate, 2,5 liters of water are saved with the latter, where recycled acetate secures a carbon footprint more than two-fold lower (0,034 kg - 0,014 kg) and only 0,07 mj of energy used, instead of 0,89 mj.
  • The impact per frame that recycled stainless steel has on the environment is much lower than any other eyewear metals.
  • Stainless steel recycled is responsible for the emission of only 0,05 kg of CO2 per frame, 0 l of water and 0,16 mj of energy are used to make a frame.