The Flemish government’s Facility Services Agency opts for circular office furnishings

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Vlaanderen Circulair

The Flemish Government’s Facility Services Agency (Agentschap Facilitair Bedrijf) is resolutely in favour of circularity. With workplaces shrinking and offices being redesigned at various government authorities, the administration ended up with a considerable amount of unwanted office furniture and a demand for adapted materials. The Agency came to the conclusion that furniture was only being exchanged on a project-by-project basis. It wanted to draw up a clear inventory of surplus furniture, with a view to optimal reuse possibly following refurbishment.

Main results
  • The Facility Services Agency drew up an inventory of all the surplus office furniture from the various departments of the Flemish government. This made it much easier to give the chairs, desks and cupboards etc. a second life.
  • The Agency is deeply committed to ProCirc, the North Sea Interreg project.