Gr3n: chemical recycling of PET bottles and food containers is now possible at a reasonable cost

Tanvi Sharma from Unsplash
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Gr3n aims to contribute to the fight against plastic proliferation in the world by introducing an innovative process for profitable plastic recycling. This process uses microwave technology on a chemical reaction, and results in a ground-breaking, economically efficient chemical recycling process for PET.

According to global non-profit Textile Exchange "the DEMETO (Depolymerization by MicrowavE TechnolOgy) technology developed by gr3n gives it a massive advantage with respect to its competitors as the only provider of the chemical recycling solution, closing the PET lifecycle, offering polymer grade material, treating waste, lowering carbon footprint and most importantly providing cost savings for players in the value chain".

According to Ubuntoo "the depolymerization of the PET or polyester textile, i.e. its conversion into the building blocks constituting the polymer, makes it possible to indefinitely use those molecules to produce virgin PET".

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  • Compared with the same technology based on oil and gas, an evaluation of gr3n's technology indicates a 60% reduction in CO2 and a 68% reduction in energy consumed
  • This technology offers massive economic benefits to companies using it, and opens the door to widespread plastic recycling