Italian fashion retailer OVS informs consumers about the sustainability of their shopping

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OVS - one of the leading Italian fashion retailers on the Italian clothing market - has adopted Eco Valore, which allows customers to discover how much water is used in the manufacturing process, the carbon footprint and the recyclability of each and every OVS garment sold in the e-commerce.

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Italian fashion retailer OVS has committed to circular fashion inter alia by introducing Eco Valore [or Eco-Value], which raises awareness on water consumption in the manufacturing process, carbon footprint and recyclability of each OVS garment in the e-commerce.

The circularity factor defines the recycling potential of each garment. With the scientific support of UniSMART - University of Padua (Italy) - the following parametres are taken into consideration:

  • type of fibres used (varying in recycling potential)
  • number of fibers making up the garment (affecting the possibility to recover/recycle fibres)
  • number of parts making up the garment (affecting the garment's recyclability).

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