Klättermusen makes outdoor clothing and backpacks from recycled polyamide and polyester

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Polyamide is a synthetic fibre made from petroleum, creating an extraordinarily strong and versatile fabric. Klättermusen uses both post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyamide as well as bio-mass balanced polyamide it its production.

Post-consumer waste is Klättermusen's first-hand choice since the company wants to encourage people to hand in their worn products for recycling. Post-consumer waste used for recycled polyamide includes discarded industrial fishing nets, old carpets and rigid textiles.

Recycling polyamide adds another layer of complexity to the production process, but the result is a reliable, long lasting fabric that is lightweight, quick-drying and wind resistant. Klättermusen was the first outdoor company to use recycled polyamide across their entire backpack line in 2009.

Depending on the fabric, the percentage of post-consumer recycled polyamide varies between 30% and 50% according to the properties of the fabrics. Due to difficulties in getting hold of post-consumer polyamide for the garments the company is using a lot of bio-mass balanced polyamide for the apparel line.

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The outdoor clothing company Klättermusen uses recycled polyamide in its production and across its entire backpack line since 2009. Currently, Klättermusen offers a series of clothing for outdoor sports made from at least 50 % recycled materials depending on the properties of the fabrics.