KOMA Modular: Modular buildings which follow the Build, Refurbish, Dismantle, Rebuild concept

KOMA Modular kindergarten
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KOMA Modular s.r.o. is taking a circular approach to construction: it manufactures modular buildings made up of individual prefabricated units. It's an effective method which avoids the whole material-intensive issue of construction and demolition.

The method was effectively demonstrated by the Czech modular pavilion which was taken down and removed from the international exhibition EXPO in Milan and put up again elsewhere.

This Czech company supplies modular school buildings which the company rents to towns and municipalities. All the clients require is a suitable site which can be linked up to the essential infrastructure. The company takes care of installation, servicing during operation and disassembly.

When that particular school building is no longer required, it can be relocated.

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Main results
  • Municipalities can respond flexibly to the number of pupils currently attending the facilities they operate - which can otherwise be a major challenge. With modular buildings, whole floors can be added or removed.
  • The school buildings can be set up very quickly, and do not entail the disruption of standard building sites.
  • Since the units are prefabricated, buyers are spared the problem of price volatility.
  • The company refurbishes and re-uses individual modules.