Lassila&Tikanoja: collecting and processing waste oils

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Lassila&Tikanoja (L&T) is a Finnish services company which aims to keep materials, properties and factories in use for as long as possible. This includes maximising the re-utilisation of oils.

L&T organises the collection of waste oils, oil-contaminated water and a range of emulsions from industry. The collected materials are analysed and processed at L&T’s recycling plant. Used lubricant oils are sent to business partners for regeneration. The regenerated lubricant oils are processed into basic oil, which is sold on for use as a raw material in the lubricant industry. The side products of the regeneration process can be used as bitumen. Oils which are unsuitable for regeneration are converted into recycled fuel for industrial use at L&T’s recycling plant.

In this way, hazardous waste such as used lubricant oil can be refined into a raw material for industry. This ensures that the waste is treated in an environmentally-friendly way, while minimsing the risks of damage to the environment and health. At the same time, the process provides cost-efficient waste management solutions and good quality raw materials for industry.

Main results
  • L&T has cut the carbon footprint of its operations by 1,2 milion tonnes of CO2.
  • L&T recycles 54,8% of the materials it uses.
  • L&T aims to increase the reuse and recycling rate of waste collected from customers to 60%, rising to 70% in the long term.