Let's fix Czechia: linking people with repair needs to repair shops and handymen

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Opravárna is a company which operates a web portal putting repair and service businesses in touch with people who need their services. It is the largest network of professional services and small repairers in the Czech Republic, and allows users to choose between professional services and amateur repairers.

On the website, users simply identify the type of product needing servicing or repairing and the system shows all the relevant service providers in the area. For a small fee, users can ask repairers to send their service and price offers, and then choose the one that suits them best.

Opravárna has founded the Association Opravme Česko (Let's fix Czechia) in order to to bring together all relevant partners pursuing the same objectives, which are primarily waste prevention and transition to a circular economy. More specifically, the Association wants:

  • products to last as long as possible, to be higher quality and repairable or, if this is not possible, to be professionally recycled
  • consumers to be more aware and better oriented when choosing between buying or repairing
  • manufacturers and retailers to be more motivated to respectively produce and sell higher-quality goods
  • national laws to change (45 % of waste still ends up in landfills) in line with EU legislation (ex. ecodesign).
Main results


  • co-operates with more than 1 900 individuals and companies, and has processed almost 7 000 repair/servicing orders
  • makes time and money saving possible by avoiding the unnecessary purchase of a new device
  • protects the environment by preventing unnecessary waste, saving valuable mineral resources, and supporting local economy.