Ligeti Bolt: a packaging-free shop

Ligeti Bolt
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Ligeti Bolt is a packaging-free grocery shop in Budapest.

The shop does not sell any products in plastic wrapping or packaging and so customers buy exactly the amount they need. The shop has a wide range: from cooking ingredients to cosmetics. Customers can decide in advance what they will buy since the shop provides an overview of all available products.

Customers can bring their own containers, jars or bags, and the shop helps weigh and fill them. The company aims to promote a zero-waste lifestyle by reducing household waste through the elimination of plastic packaging. Melinda Sipos, the driving force behind the initiative, hopes to inspire healthy eating and sustainable habits among the residents of Budapest.

Main results
  • Eradication of the use of plastic
  • Raising social awareness about the need to reduce plastic
  • Promoting an innovative way to shop.