A municipal procurement contract complying with Nordic Eco-label criteria

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SKI - the Danish State procurement authority - has signed an exclusive procurement contract with the furniture brand Duba-B8, whereby all its office furniture must be capable of being disassembled into parts and reused several times, as well as complying with Nordic Eco-label requirements.

The supplier focuses on extending the furniture lifespan and on recycling. It also provides for its technicians to maintain, adjust and repair the furniture on-site, as well as a "re-entry scheme" that ensures that furniture components are correctly recovered, recycled, refurbished or disposed of.

Main results
  • The joint municipal procurement contract was expected to provide DKK 200 million in turnover over the following four years.
  • Between four and six new jobs have been created as a result of the contract.
  • Proving that they can comply with criteria and demands from the public sector has given the company a competitive edge.

(2015-2016 data)