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New, innovative bioenergy products from paper and pulp mills’ sidestreams utilizing novel biogas technology

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Envor Protech Oy
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01/2015 to 08/2018

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Envor Protech

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EcoEnergySF Oy has a biogas plant in the area of Metsä Fibre Bioproduct Mill in Äänekoski, Finland.

The biogas plant processes the wastewater slurries of the BioproductMill, and turns those into biogas for transportation, carbon dioxide for pulping process as well as fertilizers and solid biofuel for boiler plants. The biogas plant is part of the industrial symbioses to create an ecosystem that makes use of waste from the manufacture of the main products. The EPAD technology is utilized at the biogas plant.

Main results: 
  • EPAD is globally the first biogas technology to utilize forest-based slurries from pulping process as the feedstock;
  • EPAD is potential technology to both existing paper and pulp mills as well as the next generation bioproductmills.