One-woman's initiative in Belgium transforms broken umbrellas into raincapes and bags

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Melanie Iudica

Umbrellas are a common necessity in many countries and come at a rather cheap cost. But how many of them can stand the test of time, gales and winds? It is rare that we keep them beyond a few heavy rainfalls.

A simple umbrella costs EUR 3-7 and it is produced in China in 90% of cases. 10,000 million of them end up in our rubbish bins. Even worse, the incineration of metal corset whales is more expensive than the item itself and it is very toxic for the environment.

Melanie from Parapluiestandupcycling decided to tackle this issue in a useful and creative way: she retrieves the fabric of broken umbrellas that are given to her, and creates raincapes and bags out of it. Each piece is unique and suitable for all, providing the same type of "protection" as the umbrella itself.

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The project of Parapluiestandupcycling only started in September 2019. At the Christmas Market of Anderlecht the reactions were very positive and 12 capes were sold in 3 days.

Evere since, several private sales have been organised. Since the beginning of March 2020, there is an exhibiton in 3 recycling and upcycling stores (f. ex. Yumanvillage) where 5 capes were sold within a week. As the store had to be closed because of the covid-19 outbreak, some sales could be done through Facebook.

The Parapluiestandupcycling website will be online soon.