Organic glues and adhesives by Menichetti

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Federico Galeotti

Menichetti deals with innovative glues that are organic and completely biodegradable, and so suitable for luxury packaging (e.g. in the cosmetic, wine, tech and fashion sectors), the game sector and the graphic art industry in general. Animal glue refers to the collagen found in skin, bones and connective tissue, derived from scraps from leather production and the slaughter sector.

Collagen is the main protein in mammalian connective tissue. This collagen can be used as an adhesive (technical gelatine) or in the food industry (food gelatine). Many manufacturers choose animal glues because they are looking for high-quality, ecological, non-toxic and recyclable glues for their projects. In fact, the most important brands in the cosmetic and fashion industries use animal glue in their packaging in order to add more value in terms of environmental awareness and aesthetic appearance.

Menichetti’s glues are circular thanks to their production cycle, which reuses scraps from the leather and tanning industry and turns them into natural adhesives. Furthermore, utilising leather and tanning industry by-products to make food gelatine and glue is beneficial for both the environment and human health.

Over the years, we have witnessed a huge upswing in solid waste derived from industrial activities in the agricultural sector, mainly slaughterhouses, due to the increased consumption of meat. Thanks to the production of food gelatine and protein glues, these by-products can now be used.

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  • Menichetti focuses on providing the market with alternative, completely green solutions formulated from biodegradable and non-toxic secondary raw materials. This product is safe to use as well as sustainable, and the maintenance and cleaning operations do not involve toxic materials.
  • Menichetti's adhesive is an alternative to the synthetic hot melt and vinyl adhesives intended for the paper packaging market. It works at moderate temperatures (energy saving) and is a water-based product that is able to create a completely natural deep bond. The final products are completely environmentally friendly, cost-effective and circular.