Orybany: the first zero-waste eco-responsible gift shop in Brussels

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Orybany is an ethical concept store located in the heart of Brussels working with a community of artisans and designers connected by the same values: "Human, Ethical and Diversity".

Orybany is dedicated to slow fashion and offers a selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, small furniture and stationery. The products are made by artisans and designers, as well as Belgian and European brands, and are part of a zero-waste circular economy approach. Orybany is also a workshop and creative space, offering a collaborative and interactive place where zero-waste initiation workshops are organised. The workshops focus on areas such as beauty, maintenance and home products, and cover upcycling using sewing and other techniques, sustainable artistic creations, etc.

Orybany is above all a collective of Brussels, Belgian and European artisans/designers determined to uphold eco-responsible production and consumption.

Main results
  • Support for artists who create circular art, giving them a venue to sell their products
  • Over 15 categories of products available
  • Artists develop collections in cooperation with the shop (e.g. Fête de la Musique backpacks), helping spread awareness about waste.