Ostraco: from discarded oyster shells to beautiful glass

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French designer Lucile Viaud has found a way to contribute to organic recycling - more specifically, to recycling seafood waste. Her work focuses on transforming oyster shells into glass.

"I am a great advocate of the idea that there is no such thing as waste – it can be a good raw material for creating new materials.", she said in her thesis at École Boulle. Her brand, Ostraco, was founded in 2016. It came about based on her experience observing seafood waste recycling, during her design and craft courses.

Throughout the process, she is assisted by fishermen from Brittany. It involves collecting, sorting, cleaning and transforming the oyster shells into powder. In Paris, the powder is taken to a workshop which specialises in making glass, and the final result is her remarkable "Glaz" collection.

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  • Lucile’s project has now reached beyond Brittany to other French regions.