Part bicycle, part philosophy: a beautiful bike from recycled coffee capsules, that supports schoolgirls in developing countries

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Vélosophy is part bicycle, part philosophy. It brings to life the potential of recycling by partnering with Nespresso to craft a bike from recycled aluminium coffee capsules. The bicycle called RE:CYCLE is a marriage of circular economy and design.

In tribute to its originating material, RE:CYCLE’s bell is modelled on the shape of the well-known coffee capsule. The steam-bended oak carrier basket includes two cup holders, so you can take your drinks to go.

Vélospohy's partner Nespresso is committed to sustainability with a programme of carbon-neutral factories, world-wide recycling for its capsules and working with coffee farmers towards improving livelihood and a climate-friendly agriculture.


From your cup to... RE:CYCLE and more:
Nespresso processes the capsules in specialised plants to enable their re-use: the aluminium is melted and reused for beverage cans, automotive spare parts, bikes and other everyday objects; the coffee grounds are reused as compost. 

Main results
  1. Vélosophy manufactures RE:CYCLE bikes using endlessly recyclable aluminium from Nespresso coffee capsules.
  2. The company wants to inspire more people to use pedal power as their first choice of transportation in order to support a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Vélosophy products bring a positive social impact. Vélosophy is the only bicycle brand in the world to have made one for one promise: for every Vélosophy sold, the company donates another bicycle to a schoolgirl in a developing country. Giving a bicycle to a a girl in a developing country will increase her presence in school with close to 30 % and her results with as much as 60 %.
  4. The donated bicycles are manufactured locally in developing countries, supporting local labour and local businesses.