Plastics recyclates: Plastship offer services for better quality and marketability

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Plastship is a marketplace platform for buyers and sellers of regrinds, re-granulates and recyclates. The portal's services include independent assessment of the recyclability of plastics packaging and products for complete product ranges and of their impact on selected environmental factors.

Plastship also provides consultancy in optimizing product sustainability in terms of design for recycling and the use of recyclates.

Its goals are:

  • establishing broader application areas for recycled plastics
  • facilitating and accelerating the distribution of recycled plastics
  • building up homogeneous quality and information standards for recycled plastics.
Main results

Since its May 2019 launch, the plastship platform has 

  • made more than 3550 t of recycled plastics available
  • registered over 100 companies within three months
  • categorised recycled material qualities
  • established matching systems for material specifications (recycler) and product requirements (converter)
  • developed a standardized information base for recycled plastics