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A populated circular city set up on the site of a 12.000m2 abandoned swimming pool

BlueCity Rotterdam

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Lars Crama
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10/2015 to 01/2050
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BlueCity - Lars Crama

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BlueCity provides start-ups and scale-ups with access to circular resources, knowledge and talent, aiming to turn ideas into action and, ultimately, to help sustainable entrepreneurs to grow from intention to impact. The former subtropical swimming oasis Tropicana, a well known iconic building that has sadly lost its function and grandness, has been turned into a circular city. Innovative, sustainable and circular entrepreneurs have settled down between slides and hot tubs to give new meaning, function and value to the 12.000 square meters of deserted swimming pool. The building will be made as circular as possible, re-using old elements and materials both from within the swimming pool as well as from other abandoned buildings.

Main results: 
  • Transformed former disco into first circular offices, using 90% re-used materials and 10% renewables;
  • Curated community of 25+ circular entrepreneurs;
  • Over 1500 visitors per month in first operational year (2017);
  • Corporate / startup collaborations leading to new ventures > Living Labs: Facility Management, Zero Waste Catering, Circular Shortstay, Rainwater Collectors