RCERO Ljubljana: efficient waste management

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Not just another polluting landfill...

The Ljubljana Regional Centre for Waste Management (RCERO Ljubljana) is a national centre for environmentally-friendly waste management in Slovenia.

Co-financed by the EU’s Cohesion Fund, RCERO raises awareness among the general public and public authorities regarding the importance of managing waste. Furthermore, it has spurred on the creation of a national network active in this field.

RCERO consists of an extended landfill, a treatment plant and waste treatment facilities. Importantly, the centre has the infrastructure for mechanical-biological waste treatment. This means that it can process biological waste and mixed waste. RCERO’s facilities are able to produce green electricity from renewable biogas sources, compost from biological waste and electricity and heat for its own use.

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  • More than 50 municipalities are currently included in RCERO - one third of Slovenia.
  • RCERO is the first modern, large-scale waste treatment facility in Slovenia.
  • RCERO is fostering integration of and cooperation on waste management practices at national level.