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Belgian company Fertikal is specialised in the production of organic fertilizers from recycled secondary materials. These recycled resources are collected from within a radius of 150 km around the production facility and include chicken manure, struvite, digestates from bio-gas plants, composts, by-products from sugar beet and bio-diesel industry, etc. The sampling of this secondary raw material follows strict rules according to the Flemish end-of-waste legislation.

Fertikal offers the fertilizers in either pellet or crumb form. The organic and organo-mineral product, NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) fertilizers, is manufactured for customers worldwide. End-users in 55 countries in South East Asia, the Middle East, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are among the majority of its clients.

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The purpose of Fertikal is dual: not only does it produce organic fertilizers contributing to better soil quality, it also ensures the upscaling of recycled products.

Yearly, Fertikal produces:

  • around 110.000 tonnes of compost
  • around 90.000 tonnes of organic fertilizer in the shape of pellets or crumbs.

This is made from 300 000 tonnes of secondary raw materials in total (manure, digestates and non-animal base draw materials).