Recycling batteries to safeguard natural resources

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Rombat is the largest producer of car batteries in Romania. Since 2005, the company has been collecting vehicle batteries to extract the lead they contain, recycle them and manufacture new batteries. The batteries are processed at the 3.7 ha Rebat facility in Copșa Mică.

Rombat encourages owners of used automotive and industrial batteries in ebonite or polypropylene boxes to contact them for collection and cooperation. The company  recycles part of the 30 000 tons of batteries that are placed on the market in Romania each year. They distribute batteries in more than 3000 stores across the country, as well as in France and Germany.

The company aims to reduce its environmental impact by improving its batteries and enhancing battery recycling services to avoid using up more of Romania's natural resources.

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  • The company extracts around 12 000 tons of lead from old batteries each year, making it one of the leading car battery recyclers in Romania
  • The battery recycling process has received ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 18001 certifications, and is one of the first companies in Romania to receive this environmental authorisation
  • Over 83% of a battery's weight is reused when it is recycled 
  • Lead, lead alloy and plastic are reused in new batteries
  • The company avoids both further depletion of Romania's natural resources and the pollution caused by discarded batteries
  • Recycling batteries is cost efficient for consumers as the batteries are sold at a lower price