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Recycling on a massive scale

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Remondis is one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies with over 30 000 employees and 900 business locations. The Lippe plant in Lünen is one of their largest sustainable projects: it has a surface area of 230 ha and is the largest industrial recycling plant in Europe.

In recent years, the Lippe plant has been developed into an industrial park and employs over 1 400 people. It includes a certified laboratory, facilities for recycling slaughterhouse waste, processing waste wood and manufacturing building products from industrial gypsum and a chemical plant producing special aluminum salts. It also harvests plastic granulate from plastic waste and high-quality metal granulate from slag and furnace waste derived from the production of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal. 

Since 2006, it has produced biodiesel from animal fats and vegetable raw materials, recycled electronic and electrical waste and operated a biomass power plant.

Main results: 
  • Every year, about 900 000 tonnes of recycled products leave the Lippe plant.
  • These include goods from the binding agent production plant (262 200 tonnes), biodiesel (65 300 tonnes), certified compost for agricultural businesses (43 200 tonnes) and plastic pellets for industrial companies (16 000 tonnes).