A refreshing first: citrus peel as a raw material

Citrus peel
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PeelPioneers is the first company in the world to use citrus peel to create new raw materials. The peels are left over from making fresh juice, collected from supermarkets and the catering industry. PeelPioneers, working with Renewi, uses the peel to create dietary fibre antioxidants, orangeade and orange oil, all of which are used in foods, cosmetics and cleaning products. The pulp is sent to farmers for animal feed. Renewi is responsible for separate collection and transport, while PeelPioneers covers the specialist processing.

Main results
  • The Netherlands produces about 250 million kilograms of citrus peel a year as a byproduct of making fresh juice, and this peel has potential for reuse.
  • Renewi has 34 vehicles that are currently used to pick up this organic waste from customers.