ReSeaclons: collecting and recycling ocean plastic

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Le Grau-du-Roi
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Technopolis Group

The ReSeaclons project, led by the Marine Institute of the Seaquarium in Grau-du-Roi, France, is committed to bringing together fishermen, seafarers, public authorities, associations, companies, civil society and holiday-makers to help reduce marine pollution. It supports the collection and recycling of plastic marine litter.

ReSeaclons works in cooperation with local fishermen who collect a variety of substances polluting the sea – definitely including plastic. They bring them to a recycling facility operated by a partner company, Trivéo Recyclage, which sorts the various materials. Trivéo specialises in recycling complex plastics. It has developed a technique fusing different kinds of plastics into one single substance, in the shape of a small pot. The pots are then sold at the Seaquarium Marine Institute.

Main results
  • Cleaning up the sea and recycling waste
  • Engaging with the local community (fishermen, the aquarium, companies and the general public)
  • Raising awareness about sea pollution.