RE.WIND: routing used packaging film to a dedicated supply chain that recycles it efficiently

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San Martino di Lupari (PD)
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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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In industry and logistics, goods are often transported on wooden pallets wrapped in film. At the destination, the film is removed and thrown out. Logistics film waste is generally disposed of along with other plastics. The destination company can send it for landfilling and/or waste-to-energy or sort it and send the usable fractions for recycling. Before it can be recycled, the material must be sorted and washed. Only some of the waste is recovered.

The RE.WIND project routes used film to a dedicated supply chain that allows it to be recycled more efficiently, ensuring that the film obtained is of a high quality. It is implementing a service for companies (both manufacturing and service companies) that channels all forms of packaging waste from inbound goods so that it can be recycled and returned to the company as packaging for outbound goods. The material goes back to the company in the form of film that can be used again to wrap pallets of goods.

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The project achieves a high rate of recycling and reuse of waste, while ensuring lower costs for the company and meeting material (film) requirements for outgoing goods.

  1. environmental benefits: waste is upcycled
  2. economic benefits: companies save a minimum of 25% on packaging costs, with peaks of 40% for companies using glass. Once the Plastic Tax comes into force at the start of 2023, additional savings of about 20% are expected
  3. social benefits: ideal for companies working with ESG methodologies (Environment, Social and Governance). The project is currently operational in 32 companies.