RIUSO³ – Banco del riuso in Franciacorta

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Rovato (BS) Lombardia Region
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ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
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Carlo Piantoni

Riuso³ – Banco del riuso in Franciacorta is a physical space above municipal level dedicated to a series of active policies geared towards conscious consumption and waste reduction through the exchange and recovery of goods. Each Banco Riuso3 operation, which excludes the use of money and is free of charge, is based on the standardised assignment of a score (FIL). The project has a strong social impact, promotes widespread welfare and fosters solidarity and cooperation conducive to a new social and environmental balance.

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Since opening on 31 December 2019, Banco Riuso3 has issued 291 cards, 21 for local associations, 7 for social services of member municipalities and 263 for individuals, with an average of 28 users present at each session. They exchange hours, food, furniture, small objects, clothes and shoes.

Banco Riuso3 is strong because of the people who keep it open and manage it: a group of 16 volunteers who are mostly members of the RIUSO3 association. In early 2020, Fondazione Cogeme, in collaboration with Rovato social services, also set up a new resocialising internship for young people in Rovato. The banking model is based on exchange, enhancing its social value and reducing its economic aspect.