SK-Tex, a Slovakian recycling company, transforms old clothes into insulation products

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SK-Tex takes old clothing and turns it into products that can be used in cars, furniture and buildings. It started with products made from secondary raw materials, targeted at the automotive sector: textile panels and mats used for noise reduction in cars, or for lining car boots.

It now specialises in construction materials: interior and exterior insulation and prefabricated wall panels sold under the name EkosenHMC. Its recycled textile-insulation products are mould-resistant and fire-retardant and have significant advantages in terms of heat retention and achievement of a stable internal temperature. EkosenHMC insulation also scores highest marks for noise reduction, and acts effectively to control moisture, making it a beneficial insulation material for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

The product is a viable alternative to insulation based on inorganic fibres, such as mineral and glass wool. EkosenHMC is a recycled product produced far less energy-intensively. SK-Tex’s insulation can be recycled again when removed from buildings.

SK-Tex is featured as Eco-Innovation Action Plan in practice (European Commission).

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  • SK-Tex recycles clothing and changes it to car seat upholstery filling, furniture insulation and ECO building insulation.
  • While SK-Tex processes thousands of tonnes of textile waste every year, its products are fully ecological and easy to decompose.
  • SK-Tex is the largest company recycling textile waste in Slovakia.