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The story of the case that NEVER gets THROWN AWAY


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Experts estimate to roughly 640 000 tonnes the amount of ghost fishing nets in our oceans, representing 10% of the plastic waste in the sea. POPSICASE, a start-up based in Barcelona, produces phone cases 100% made of recycled materials, including old fishing nets.

The company collaborates with the Net Viva Mediterránea programme, a programme that collects, transforms and gives fishing nets from the Mediterranean Sea a new use.

The company also launched a call to encourage the return of old POSICASEs for recycling. POPCYCLING is part of the company's efforts to implement a sustainable economic model by eliminating waste and the continuous use of new resources.

This system shows that a cycle of production and consumption based on the circular economy is possible and sets a precedent in the responsible use of plastics.

More information is available here.

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  • uses 100% recycled raw material from waste such as discarded fishing nets and aluminum scrap
  • supports the NGO Mission Blue - Silvia Earle Alliance
  • compensates the CO2 emissions of the shipping thanks to the project CeroCO2.