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Synergies for Green Growth: a transversal White Paper by the Interreg MED Green Growth Community

Synergies for Green Growth
Expected end date: 
Mercè Boy Roura

The Interreg MED's Green Growth community (GGC) has created 4 Thematic Working Groups (TWG) as a tool for collaboration and communication among its 14 Modular Projects to help with quality, efficiency, scalability and replicability of the project results.

This White Paper displays the horizontal approach towards cooperation on Circular Economy and Green Growth in the Mediterranean as well as challenges, success factors and lessons learned.


  • Creating a solid community acting as a hub to collect, spread and capitalise project results
  • Upgrading GGC networks
  • Capitalising and transferring activities to outreach the project results and potential replication of projects in other countries.

More information on TWGs:

  • White Paper 1: Make More With Less: Enhancing Resource Efficiency in the Mediterranean Agrofood Sector and Cities for a Circular Economy
  • White Paper 2: Promoting Green and Smart Public Services within Mediterranean Municipalities to move towards a Circular Economy
  • White Paper 3: Zero waste: problems become opportunities in Waste Prevention & Management
  • White Paper 4: Fit for a circular future: Competitiveness & Innovation
Main results: 

Despite the challenges faced, the project was ultimately very successful in achieving its objectives, creating a sound network of actors for promoting Green Growth and showcasing real examples for the implementation of a Circular Economy in the Mediterranean.

These successes are:

  • Quadruple Helix
  • Benefits of Participation
  • Territorial Cooperation
  • Thematic Working Groups (TWG) on Circular Economy.

Lessons Learned:

In addressing both the challenges and successes, many key project aspects that contribute towards its replicability in future Green Growth initiatives, as well as some key areas, have been identified as follows:

  • Communication
  • Community Building
  • Capitalisation of results.